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Residential Plumbing

For all of your plumbing needs, we'll review the work needed with you, and provide a quote before the work begins. NO SURPRISES.

Water Pipe Repair & Replacement

Older homes and apartment complexes were built with water lines constructed of lead or galvanized piping. Lead can poison your family or cause other damaging health effects. Galvanized piping also builds up “gunk” inside the pipe, causing the water flow to slow or stop. Copper drain piping resists gunk buildup, but is corroded by acids naturally present in wastewater. Today, there is copper and modern plastics (PEX, PVC & CPVC) pipes for years of worry-free use.

Shower & Tub Repair and Replacement

Is Your Shower Or Bathtub In Need Of Professional Plumbing Services?

Like any other item in your home, over time the showers and bathtubs can deteriorate and require repair services.
Common issues include:
  • Clogged drain lines
  • Leaking Shower Valves
  • Stained Shower Doors
  • Stained & Rusted Shower Handles & Spouts
  • Rusted Out Hardware
  • Damaged Shower Heads
  • Cracks, Leaks or Seal Damage

Toilet Repair & Unclogging

Does Your Toilet Constantly Run? Is It Clogged?

Toilets that have leaks or clogs will either run continuously after they have been flushed or will overflow. A leaky toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water each month, costing you a lot of money. Clogged toilets can be the tipping point for an even bigger disaster, which just leaves unwanted messes and more plumbing problems!

When we visit your home for a plumbing repair, we know you need help now—so we get the job done as efficiently as possible while providing you with the best possible service. At Tulsa Plumbing Repair we provide expert repair solutions to restore the flow of water to your toilet efficiently and professionally.

Natural Gas Leak Detection & Pipe Repair

A gas leak is a serious health hazard that can be difficult to detect. Gas leaks are often silent, and if you have good ventilation you may not smell it. If you have even a small suspicion that there is a gas leak in your home, leave the property immediately and call your local gas company immediately.

Tulsa Plumbing Repair has proven techniques for tracking gas leaks. We can isolate the leak and check the whole system to detect any escaping air, as well as check new fittings and recommend options for repair or replacement. Thorough gas line repairs and leak detection should be completed by a licensed professional to make sure your system is up to local code.

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